Welcome to Flatland Longhorns

Welcome to Flatland Longhorns owned and run by Jim and Ainslie Lawinger. Our farm is in Ambia Indiana, located in beautiful Benton County. We are surrounded by picturesque farmland and windmills for miles. There is nearly always a breeze and magnificent scenery to enjoy. We are passionate about our family, friends, farm, and our animals. We have been slowly and diligently building our Texas Longhorn herd and improving the genetics. Our goal is to breed each of our cows with just the right bull so that we are able to breed for better conformation, longevity, feed efficiency, growth rate, maternal ability, fertility, temperament, beautiful color, and of course stellar horn growth! We are passionate about preserving this great breed along with its rich history while also doing our diligence to improve the breed for future generations. Thus, our slogan “Start of a Legacy” was born. We also raise a small selection of angus freezer beef from bottle to table along with a couple longhorns for freezer beef each year. If you are interested in purchasing freezer beef from us check out our beef page for more information.

Jim and Ainslie have both worked cattle since they were children, helping with family herds up to the present with their personal herd of longhorns and angus calves. As if the herd at home doesn’t keep us busy enough Jim juggles roughly 15,000 head of Holstein cows on 3 dairies all located within 10 miles of our home farm as his full-time gig. Ainslie, like many farmers wives works in town as a nonclinical researcher for a biomedical device company. In our off time we enjoy camping and trail riding with our 2 Tennessee Walking Horses Skip and Diablo.